We are two best friends that are always looking for fun things to do with our family, new and exciting things to do with our friends, where to have an awesome but affordable birthday party for our kids and everything in between. Sometimes we have an idea of what to do or what we need; we just need to know where to go. Sometimes we have no idea; we just know we want to do SOMETHING! Most importantly, sometimes our budgets, interests and personal preferences end up being what plays a big factor in our decision.

We discovered there needed to be an easier and more convenient way to plan our days or events. One of us a few years ago had muttered the comment, “There should be a website, where I can just tell it exactly how much money I have, what I am needing, what I’m wanting, and it just tells me what my options are!”… after spending hours bouncing back and forth between websites trying to find that particular ‘something’, then comparing all the prices and options, There was the light bulb moment! From this idea, Froockle.com was born!

We have spent the last years building up an extensive database that covers just about everything in Houston and within a surrounding 100 mile radius covering most of Southeast Texas! You will find much more here than just the top well-known attractions that you would find in your typical internet search or travel guide! Froockle.com is the ultimate directory, allowing you to use as many, as few, or no filters to help narrow your search if you choose to! We provide filters and tools that cater to individual interests, budgets and walks of life, whatever they may be! Froockle.com allows you to enter your exact budget, how many people are participating, and set other search parameters! It then calculates the total cost for you, eliminating activities and places outside your budget or other specified preferences and gives you what your options are!

We have discovered so many cool, unique, fun and exciting places that we never even knew existed and hope you enjoy using our website as much as we have had creating it!! We expanded the Froockle.com horizon to not only include things to do and where to have children’s birthday parties, but to cater to all of Houston, and every Houstonian! We included special activities catered for teens and senior citizens, venue’s for weddings and other special events, giving back to our great community and volunteering, local events, workshops and classes, places to eat, drink, dine, sleep…and even bring along your beloved pet!

Your new friend ‘Finn’ will help you plan “Your Day, Your Way!”

Best Wishes & Enjoy Houston,

Heidi & Elisha